/* last updated 7/2021 This is a PHP code that first sets error reporting to display all errors, and then it sets the display_errors directive to 'On'. This means that if there are any errors or warnings, they will be shown on the page. The rest of the code creates an HTML form that allows the user to enter a YouTube video ID. When the form is submitted, the code checks if a value has been submitted for the 'fname' field. If a value is submitted, it assigns the value to the variable $youtube_id and includes the file get_captions_and_subtitles_as_text.DC-CG.php. The file get_captions_and_subtitles_as_text.DC-CG.php is not included in this code, so it's impossible to know what it does without seeing its contents. However, based on its name, it's possible that the file is used to retrieve captions or subtitles for a YouTube video based on the video ID provided by the user. */

Test of get_captions_and_subtitles_as_text.DC-CG.php

YouTube ID